Sedonda Block Construction
I designed Saguaro laminated necks with the following features:
Below is a CAD drawing of a Sedona aluminum block.  It has routes for the neck pocket, a center area for the body wood pickup routes, and the tremolo route.
The block is made from 3/4" 7075 aluminum plate.  Here the plate is mounted to the CNC and the neck pocket is being milled.  A router will cut aluminum using an end mill, but it is very slow, the depth of cut is only 0.03" inches and the rate is only 30 inches per minute.  And it is noisy.  The aluminum foil surrounding the jig is trying to catch some of the swarf, or aluminum chips that end up everywhere.
The tremolo route is next.
This is the aluminum plate after the neck and tremolo routes.
Then the main outline cut is done.
Here is the block after the main outline cut finished and has been cleaned up.  There are small tabs holding it to what is left of the aluminum plate.  These are cut away with a Dremel tool. 
Here's the completed block after cuting the tabs, drilling and installing the tremolo studs.
The finished block, with the tremolo studs weighs 12.2 oz.